CF Blog December 14

Every 3 min x 4
20/side MB Lateral Toss    (
20 Abmat Sit-Ups
Plank for remaining time

*go immediately from Plank into Lateral Ball Toss at the end of each 3 min cycle


WOD: IMG_1444
4 RFT​​
7 Power Snatch(135/95)
14 Bar Facing Burpee
21 cal Row


An oldie, but goodie from our friends at The Good Kitchen:

The all-too-early Christmas décor and evergreens encroaching on the fall leaves can only mean one thing: the holidays are on the horizon.

But what does that mean to you?

The holiday season can be wonderful, but between the baked goods, endless holiday parties, shopping, hangovers, Christmas cards, etc., it can also leave us stressed, exhausted, and a few pounds heavier than we may want to be.  Most will wait until after New Year’s to regain control of their health, but what if you started now?

I’m not suggesting that you go for broke on a strict diet and extensive training plan, but why not at least set the wheels in motion for not only a happy and healthy New Year, but a happy and healthy holiday season as well?

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should think about kick-starting your health and fitness before the holidays instead of after:

  • If you start now, you’ll be less likely to overindulge. We all know that falling off the wagon is a slippery slope.  Once you veer off a little, you tend to throw in the towel and go crazy.  By putting yourself on some sort of pre-holiday regime, you are more likely to have a treat here and there, but then reign it back in.
  • You will feel better– Who wants to go through the holidays in a food/drink hangover haze? By ensuring that you sneak in a sweat session at least 4-5 times per week and stay properly hydrated, you will have more energy to keep smiling party after party.
  • Junk food has been linked to depression. According to studies, the type of food you eat can affect your mood – the better your diet, the better your mood.  Who really wants a “Blue Christmas”?
  • You won’t have to deal with those extra holiday pounds. The average American reports a holiday weight gain anywhere between 2 and 10 pounds. What’s more, studies suggestthat this holiday weight is even harder to take off than we thought.  So how about avoiding it altogether?
  • If you can stay on track during the holidays, you can do it anytime. November and December tend to boast calendars that are chock full of activities, appointments, parties and work.  If you prioritize healthy eating and fitness during this crazy season, you will give yourself the confidence of knowing that you can achieve this lifestyle at any point during the year.
  • You’ll have more energy for all sorts of holiday and winter activities. We’ve all been there – the post holiday-feast or post-holiday party haze – watching the day go by in sweatpants on the couch.  Definitely enjoy a treat and a drink here and there, but try not to go crazy at parties or meals – that way you can take advantage of all of the fun that winter has to offer.  Go skiing, skating, caroling, and enjoy the cold, fresh air!
  • Get yourself a fitness buddy and you can have fun supporting each other through the season. Having a partner in crime will help you stay on track with your workouts, plus you can swap healthy recipes or paleo baked goods!  You can even share the gift of health with a gift certificate to The Good Kitchen and/or a local gym.
  • You can set to task on a much cooler New Year’s Resolution. Because let’s face it, the whole “I’m going on a diet January 1” is lame.

I know that the thought of eating healthy the next couple of months may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!  The Good Kitchen is a great way to help you stay on track this holiday season.  Their pre-made meals take the thought and extra hassle out of nutritious meal prep.  Plus, if you’re traveling to see family, they can ship meals to your destination so you don’t even have to worry about trying to eat healthy at Grandma’s house.

And, if you’re looking for some help in creating your own healthy and delicious holiday meals, check out Nom Nom Paleoand the Paleo Magazine.

Have a healthy and happy holiday season!


Please Note Our Holiday Schedule of Classes:

Monday, December 24: 8, 9:30 and 11am classes only
No classes on 25 – Merry Christmas!
Wednesday, December 26: 8, 9:30 and 11am classes only
Thursday, December 27: no 7:30pm class
Friday, December 28: no 7:30pm class
New Year’s Eve (Dec 31): no 7:30pm class
New Year’s Day (Jan 1): 10am & 12pm classes only

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